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Davy Jones
3 min readJun 12, 2022

Another busy week in the ecosystem! Hackathon workshops are is in full swing at Polkadot, new parachains are joining the ecosystem, and the entire DotSama community is getting ready for Polkadot Decoded, the biggest Polkadot event of the year. So, let’s recap the most important news about Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems in 2 minutes.


Today we congratulate the Kabocha network team and their community for winning the 38th auction on Kusama. A total of 478 participants supported the project and contributed 12 644 KSM! I really want to say that this is a significant step for the whole team and its supporters on their way to web3. So cheers to the guys!


The time the InvArch community has been waiting for has finally come! The team has announced that the Tinkernet Crowdloan for Kusama will be launched during the 42nd auction slot. So get your KSMs ready for the end of June!

Mangata Finance

It was a really exciting week for the Mangata Finance team and their community! These guys organized a TGE that generated $1 billion $MGX tokens. Then they distributed rewards for participating in сrowdloan. And as the cherry on the cake, the team launched an MGX-KSM liquidity bootstrapping event!

OAK Network

The team of the OAK Network, the Web 3.0 hub for DeFi and payment automation, reached another milestone in their Turing canary network and completed Phase 3! This means that any end-user with TUR tokens can use blockchain features such as on-chain automation services, staking, wallet-to-wallet transfers and other features.


Let’s move on. A few words about Moonbeam! These guys got a grant from the Web3 Foundation for the development of a Substrate-based custom parachain staking pallet! This will open up new opportunities for Substrate-based parachains and support the decentralization of the network. Congratulations to the team! Really well done!

Parachain Mascots Lottery

And now here’s the info for everyone who’s read to the end! We’re thrilled to announce a lottery where every Dotsama community member can get a chance to win one of 3 Mascot NFTs. Tickets will be available to members of some DotSama communities, participants of Gleam Form, and PromoTeam Community NFT holders

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