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Davy Jones
4 min readMay 31, 2022

As everybody knows, PromoTeam dedicates all its time and efforts towards promoting the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem. We cover the most important news of the ecosystem, delivering them to our dear readers and viewers, and over two past years, we got a pretty large community. We try to never disappoint our community or misinform it, so we pick the projects to collaborate with very scrupulously. We never give a spot to projects that seem shady for us and always decline collaboration offers if we think that these projects won’t benefit the ecosystem, even when we’re being offered substantial amounts of money. We don’t even support the crowdloans of the projects whose behaviour we consider unethical.

At the same time, we always want to do our best for the ecosystem, for the projects we like and support and for the whole community. Recently, we were very interested in NFTs, and we even created two community badges to reward our active members and friends of PromoTeam. These NFTs even have some utility: we shared our profits from several crowdloans with all holders. And that’s when we got an idea: to create a collection to celebrate the successful launch of parachain auctions for Polkadot and Kusama and include all projects that we like, support and respect. That’s when the concept of Parachain Mascots was developed. We were working on it since June 2021, it took a long time, because we had a lot of other important projects to work on, but now it’s ready.

The idea is really simple — we’ll create a very limited collection that will include the mascots for all major parachains:

  1. Karura
  2. Moonriver
  3. Bifrost
  4. Basilisk
  5. Centrifuge
  6. Calamari
  7. Bit.Country
  8. Astar
  9. Robonomics

To give you a feeling of what it is going to look like, here’s one of the mascots, Karura, a 3d bird.

We’ll mint 15 copies of every NFT. Each of them will be sold for a fixed price of 10 KSM. Also, we’ll create a very limited number of NFTs for the founders of the projects and the team. Every founder will get the mascot of its respective project as a gift.

The whole collection will be released in 3 batches, the first one will feature Calamari, Centrifuge and Bit.Country. The second one will have Shiden, Bifrost and Karura. The last one — Moonriver, Basilisk and Robonomics.

Here’s the twist: all mascots are just very good pieces of art, created by our lead 3D designer Joaji. We don’t promise that they will get any additional utility in the ecosystem. However, we’ll try to come up with some benefits for their owners, the same way we did it with our community NFTs — all its owners had additional rewards in some crowdloan auctions. Also, the owners of these NFTs will receive all of our community badges in the future. So, basically, every NFT is a rare collectible for Polkadot and Kusama followers.

(check out, it’s the Snek with a blaster!)

All NFTs will be minted and sold on RMRK. We’ll prepare the referral page and the site for the collection.

This article marks the beginning of our marketing campaign for Parachain Mascots. We’ll get back with more news. Stay tuned and join our Telegram chat —

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